Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coffee House-(CLOSED 2014)

Coffee house was our second place. We spotted it as we were across the street. In the windows on the second floor there were books upon books in shelves in the window. It looked promising, so we ventured on in. Walking up to the place, we had chalk wall art that lined the walls and steps. It was a super fun way to invite you in to the atmosphere.

After stopping and admiring the view, we entered in to the wooden paradise. The door was naturally distressed, and had a Saloon door feel, but when you walk in, you are in anything but a saloon.

This was the little menu that was on the short table in our little nook. It was all in Hangul, but we had already ordered at the counter. The lady who we ordered with came and took her shoes off before she delivered out goodies. 

The atmosphere was relaxing and comfortable. 
There were chalk drawings of figures like Obama, John Lennon, and Marilyn Monroe. 
It was inviting for great conversation. Megan and I did just that. Life, and what the Lord was teaching.  Putting into words what the Lord is doing is a great testimony, and you never know how it will be used. I gleaned much from Megan. This is one of the reasons I love coffee houses. It invites great conversation and life on life interactions.

Our drinks, Iced Vanilla Latte, and Iced Latte. Both were yummy, but the drinks were switched at first.
The foam was excellent, and coffee good too. the Vanilla Latte was sweet and yummy. (Megan's drink)

This was the nook we sat in. We were on the left, on the floor pillows. The burlap bags were attached with glue or staples to wood and hung on the wall.

Here we are!!! already to head out again for the hunt.

9 out of 10. 

facing away from the Pyeongtaek station, hold up your right hand, and travel down the ring finger street. This place is on the left at the light. Look at the second floor level and look for the entrance which is on the left of the lower level store. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Port of Mocha

Port of Mocha, used to be called Star Rose. The little gem of a place is located 5 minutes from Pyeongtaek Train Station. Location: standing away from the station, hold up your right hand. (the streets in front of you are like your 5 fingers). Go up the ring finger street 2 blocks take a left, then the first chance to go right take it. The coffee house is up about 500m. 

When we walked in, I think our mouths dropped a little as we encountered a sea of color, and comfort that awaited us. Linda and I immediately decided to sit in the floor seating and found our comfort spot.  The guys stood at the counter and looked at the plethora of options, while we looked at the menu where we were. The items we ordered:
Whipped cream latte
Blueberry latte
Blueberry smoothie
and a cherry lime aide.

See photo below. 
All were amazing, as well as the conversation. Topics: Life in Korea, seasons of life, the opportunities to be here, and stories of how God has and is working in our lives. I got up near the end to look at the bathroom and there rest of the place. There are only 2 rooms; the front and back. I was looking for a stairway to the 2nd floor but failed to find one.  I never got to the bathroom as someone was in there. 

Overall this place was amazing and so comfy. 

9 out of 10 for service
10 of 10 for quality of drinks
9 of 10 for comfort. 

Places to try next:
 John316 coffee house
Anne's doll house
Cupcake Coffee
Red Kiss Coffee
and Cafe Martiner (little white boxes to sit in)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Topresso (South Korea)

Walking into this coffee shop, wasn't sure if it would compare to Coffeeon, but it did. Was a cute little place, with fun decor. Brick walls lined the stairwell up, and parts of the wall downstairs. The ladies working there were so gracious and kind. We both ordered a cappuccino, one hot and one iced. 

Here Dan and I discussed our new kitty's name resulting in: Barnabas
This cafe was on the main street the train station is on. Maybe 2 minute walk on the right of the station.
We also ordered the waffle, which came with Ice cream and whipped cream. Dan's expression was amazing as he took a bite. He wasn't expecting it to burst with flavour as it did. He said its like fireworks went off in his taste buds. 

The iced cappuccino was very tasty. The did put lots of cinnamon on top, which wasn't my favourite but overall loved this place too. The chairs were not super comfy, and the toilet decided to give me a shower. It made me laugh if anything.

8 of 10 creativeness
10 of 10 customer service
9 of 10 for quality of food.

over all: 9 out of 10!

Directions: facing away from Pyeongtaek train station, travel along the pinky finger for about 500 meters.  YOU will see a sign on the right.

Coffee On-moved locations (Pyeongtaek South Korea)

Character- that is the definition of this place. So much creativity and character.
 Everywhere you turn its one new cute thing after another. 

Behind the glass room doors, was the smoking section.  Surprisingly it didn't migrate into the other area. Memories made here, Dan and I sat and discussed what in that last year has been really good for us as a couple, and what can we improve on and what we need the Lord to reveal in us. Great conversation. That's one thing I love about Dan, he likes to think deep. (:)) 

Our experience was a great one. The coffee was tasty.  I ordered a cappuccino and some cheesecake. Both were outstanding, and the coffee was strong but not boldly strong. Overall I give it a 1 out of 10. 

10 out of 10 on creativeness
10 out of 10 on customer service
10 out of 10 on quality coffee

I highly recommend this coffee house if you get a chance to visit Pyeongtaek and its many many shops.

Welcome- Operation begun

Welcome to Operation Coffee House. The goal of this blog is to find and document coffee houses around the world. Currently I am in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. I will be visiting as many coffee houses as I can, and posting them on here.
Why Coffee Houses?

When you think about going to a coffee house, you think of an experience. Whether that is an experience with a good cup of joe, or the atmosphere, or the conversation that occurred while there.

I love discussing life, and having deep conversations; that is why Coffee houses appeal to me.

So below, if I can figure this out, post or link a coffee house in your area and why you like it.

I will be documenting my experiences as I go along.

Happy Exploring.