Saturday, April 11, 2015

COFFEE ON (revised at new location)

Today is a great day. I got to visit a new old friend. COFFEE ON is the shop that started my love for coffee shops and a continued love for the culture of coffee houses.  I thought Coffee On at the old location closed, but much to my surprise it just moved locations.

I was so blow a way when I walked in.
It's the same sort of look but updated and revised! I so enjoy it. it has to be my favorite of all places. I think it speaks heavily to my creative artsy side too, which is a huge draw.

Enjoy the photos!!!

Directions. Standing at AK PLAZA on the right hand it's the index finger street. Its a block down from Mcdonals on the opposite side of the street.

Rating: 10 out of 6 coffee beans

At first I saw one table with a plug and I thought oh no, someone forgot their plug then I realized they are at every table. 

Seriously so good! 

Heres a side view of my iced cappuccino so you can see the foam! 

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