Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coffee Bean House

I'm artistic, a coffee lover and a believer in Jesus Christ. This is who I am. I love creating environments that help people have an experience.

This is why I love the Korean Coffee Culture. Each coffee house gives you an experience and tonight's new place was no different. 

When you walk in this is what you see-

The archway leading up to the stairs.

flashing sign on bottom, coffee shop on top.

This is more for directional, but the green lit lights are a hotel. Cafe is up on the right. 

First thing you see when you walk in the door.

Banner outside inviting you in.

Stairs leading up to cafe. 2  mats guide the way that are coffee bean burlap sacks.

I saw this is my favourite for 2 reasons. 

1st- It mixes my love for art and coffee all in one. 
Here at the shop there are canvas' and paints that you can create a artwork piece. By the looks of it, I think you have to keep it there. While this may not appeal to all as amazing, I love it first cause I was an art major in college, and second it is a super place to create, read, blog or do whatever you choose.
There were paintings all over in the place, and all were so very different. There were many art books to look at as well as coffee decor.

2nd- The coffee culture and taste. 

First when walking in, you see many varieties of ways they have to make coffee. They have old versions or systems to the new ways. At the counter they have a dutch coffee maker displayed proudly and they share when asked. 

They also on the tables have a magazine which I loved, but only wished I could read it all. 
(see photo below) 
The magazine shows the best tips on making latte art, roasting tips as well as  the best brew method. All this is shown in photos too from around the country in coffee brew competitions. 

Who wants to go with me?

There was an add for a cafe and bakery expo in October. Guess who's going, (this gal)

The drinks Dan and I ordered where the same ones we usually drink when we go to a coffee shop. 
I ordered a iced cappuccino, and he ordered a hot one. 
(see photos below) 

Look at the foam and the caramelized coffee/sugar on top. Actually it wasn't sugar, was cinnamon and something. Man, seriously had drink envy cause it was so good. I will be getting that drink in the winter for sure. 

I thought 63th Africa iced cappuccino was my favourite but man, this tipped the scales over that one. What does it for me is the foam and how thick it is. Seriously so yummy and so silky smooth.
In Illinois when we were first married, we often went to a little place by our house called, "Beans and Books:". We loved it, as it was eclectic and had many areas to just be, chill and relax. This place brought us back to when we were first married. What a fun place to think about all that the Lord has done and brought us through to were we are today. Such different people sit at the table now than when we first went to a coffee shop in 2005. Different in a good way. 

This was one of the two Dutch coffee makers on the front counter.

So my rating: 
15 out of 10 coffee beans

standing away from AK plaza put your hand up and travel on the ring finger. You will pass Coffee On, stay on the same street as coffee on, and travel away from ak plaza till you reach the store Yes Plus. Cross the street towards the 7eleven and travel on that street and make the first right. 
(korean pub on corner)
You will pass the hotel on the right and the shop should be straight ahead on the right. Its above the love shop place. 

Happy exploring. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pyeongtaek Cat Cafe

Forgive me, as I went to this cafe a while a go, but forgot to post a review about it.

Pyeongtaek Cat Cafe

Close to AK plaza this little place with furry creatures is a little cuddly hideaway.
The cafe doesn't open till 1300, but their sign says 1200. Its on the third floor, there is an entrance on the street next to the big LG store.

Wall climbing contraptions are there to entertain the cats. One thing is you can not pick up any cats. 

You can buy food to feed the cats. Be warned: they will go crazy, and you will have to fend them off.

This is a view from sitting by the windows. If you don't mind cats around the prepping area of drinks than this cafe will be ok. But, if you are a germ a fobe, then I would not recommend this place.

We had cats come up to us, and sniff our drinks. They were just curious, and wanted attention.

This photo was taken while feeding. See what I mean about all of them coming out.

A midget cat, was so cute!

There are plenty of games to play, while you sit and enjoy your drink and play with cats.

The drinks were pretty good, although they were not high quality, but really good.

Look at all the cats! Feeding time.

They had 2 kittens who were dressed in outfits, and came out to play.

Here is the huge climbing structure in the room.

This was my favourite cat. He was huge, almost leopard like in size.

Overall the place was great, but there were 2 things that made me uneasy at a place that serves food.
1. The owner gave the cats meds out in the open near where the drinks were made. 
2. One of the cats, had a sneezing fit and started releasing a snot thing out of its nose. 


facing away from AK plaza, travel down the pinkie finger of the right hand. You will see the BIG LG store across the street. The cafe is right next to it, on the little street. You will have to cross the main street to get there. 


5 out of 10 coffee beans. 
Drinks were good, cats were fun.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coffee House (Closed)

 KOREAN Coffee & Drink house

I have been wanting to try this place out for a while so today we did. We had gone to a coffee house that was closed, so we decided to venture here. Its super close to AK plaza so it made it nice to quickly get there. 

Prints of paintings on the way upstairs. Although some were well known, some were a little crude.

This is the entrance to the place. I am not sure what Cesco members are.

The atmosphere was nice, kind of African meets middle eastern. 
The spaces were huge and could fit a large group. 
Overall the place was clean, and welcoming. 
One draw back, no bathroom.

This was the view from our cubby of the front counter.

This shows the contrasting fabrics and decor. Hm... the jury is still out for me.

This was the view of the street out the window.

Ordered iced cappuccino and ended up with a iced mocha. 
It tasted like chocolate milk, which I did not like. I prefer to see the layers of ingredient's, but I think she stirred it all up. I am a purest and do not like chocolate mixed in my coffee. To me, (for whatever its worth) it tasted like a drink from a powdered mix. Yuck! Not impressed with the quality of beverage. 
The server was great, and super nice. We pushed the service button to summon her when we were ready, and since we were the only ones in the place, it was super fast service.

The 3rd line down is an iced cappuccino.
(according to i-translate)

As you can see no English on the menu at all.

Overall experience.
I would not say this is my favourite place by any means, but if you want an experience this might be a good place. If you can translate the menu it will be better too.

rating: 5 out of 10 coffee beans. 

Standing away from AK plaza, walk down the middle finger street, and its the second place on the left on the 2nd floor. Its super easy to find. 

I would love to hear your experience of the place.