Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pyeongtaek Cat Cafe

Forgive me, as I went to this cafe a while a go, but forgot to post a review about it.

Pyeongtaek Cat Cafe

Close to AK plaza this little place with furry creatures is a little cuddly hideaway.
The cafe doesn't open till 1300, but their sign says 1200. Its on the third floor, there is an entrance on the street next to the big LG store.

Wall climbing contraptions are there to entertain the cats. One thing is you can not pick up any cats. 

You can buy food to feed the cats. Be warned: they will go crazy, and you will have to fend them off.

This is a view from sitting by the windows. If you don't mind cats around the prepping area of drinks than this cafe will be ok. But, if you are a germ a fobe, then I would not recommend this place.

We had cats come up to us, and sniff our drinks. They were just curious, and wanted attention.

This photo was taken while feeding. See what I mean about all of them coming out.

A midget cat, was so cute!

There are plenty of games to play, while you sit and enjoy your drink and play with cats.

The drinks were pretty good, although they were not high quality, but really good.

Look at all the cats! Feeding time.

They had 2 kittens who were dressed in outfits, and came out to play.

Here is the huge climbing structure in the room.

This was my favourite cat. He was huge, almost leopard like in size.

Overall the place was great, but there were 2 things that made me uneasy at a place that serves food.
1. The owner gave the cats meds out in the open near where the drinks were made. 
2. One of the cats, had a sneezing fit and started releasing a snot thing out of its nose. 


facing away from AK plaza, travel down the pinkie finger of the right hand. You will see the BIG LG store across the street. The cafe is right next to it, on the little street. You will have to cross the main street to get there. 


5 out of 10 coffee beans. 
Drinks were good, cats were fun.

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