Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Coffee Bay

Coffee Bay

Today we went to a place on the opposite side of AK plaza. Normally we head out the doors and the right down the escalator, but today we went left. 

Who knew there was another side of AK. I didn't even think there was another side so I was super super super excited to venture out there. Vanessa told us she liked this side better because it was quiet. 

This place was a typical quick coffee place, but was good. The iced cappuccino I had wasn't anything to write home about, but it tasted good on this 100 degree day. 

Dan had a iced mocha, and Vanessa had a berry slush thing. We all shared a honey bread. 
(We ordered a garlic butter bread, but got the regular one)
 I wouldn't say this is in the same caliber of Jung Jung Wan coffee, or 63th Africa coffee( yes I spelled that correctly), but was good for a quick pick me up.


Go on the back side escalator and you will see it on the left. Its in the back circle courtyard. 
(Bus 20 drops off in front of AK, take escalator up and then down the back and you will see it)

rating: 5 out of 10 beans

These are 3 flavours on ice. 

These are the flavours of the bread. Note you will see English on the side of the Hangul.

A friend told me about a Honey Latte they had that they loved. So I will try it soon.

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