Saturday, August 3, 2013

Black Bean Coffee Factory

Great little (not so little) cafe on the second floor that boasts of small conversations or larger group conversations. There are big tables and nooks that seat at least 10 or the smallest that is a study nook. 
Either way you slice it, this place is filled with many memories yet to be had. I had my memory today. I stopped here since I was ready to come home, but my sugar was low and I needed a sugar booster. Oh boy, I got it. 
I have had honey bread that Korea is known for, but this by far is the best! This is not on my diet by a long shot, but I needed something to boost my sugar so I could make it home. I suppose a apple juice would have been fine, but I thought why not... I DID NOT FINISH IT!
 (which is a shame, but I couldn't)  I only had half and believe me that was enough. 
Its sweet but not as sweet as you think, or as it looks. 

Please don't judge me on  having this. 

Ok, so getting to the coffee, I had a iced white latte,  and it was good. It wasn't too sweet and had just the right amount of all ingredients. They ingredients were not separated like usual iced drinks; rather they were all mixed together. 
Also, the employee's spoke limited English and were super friendly. They give you an English menu, and you find a seat. There will be a button on the table that you push when you are ready. You will get a receipt at the table and you bring it up to the front to pay when you are done.
 Loved it. Also don't worry, I have had water to balance out the coffee. The only bummer in this coffee journey is they don't have decaf. So, I make sure I have it early enough to not make me lose sleep. 

Rating: 10 out of 10 coffee beans.


if you hold your left hand up as you are facing away from AK Plaza, go on the ring finger street. 
Its also the street where you meet the 20 bus at McDonald's. Across the street from McDonald's there will be Baskin Robins, make a left on the street as you pass Baskin Robins.

The cafe will be on the left as you walk. 

As you walk in the second floor entrance.

This was my little cubbie area

View looking outside the window. You can 63th Africa Coffee on the left.

Another little nook area.

This is where you get your menu

Enjoy this gem! 

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