Thursday, August 1, 2013

63rd Africa Coffee


63 Africa literally has the best iced cappuccino I have ever tasted. I have tasted a ton of cappuccino's but this is hands down the best. Why you ask?

First, the milk was frothed and so creamy ( creamier than I have ever tasted) it transported me instantly to my happy place. I hadn't even tasted the coffee yet, and I was already happy. 

Next came the coffee and ice. The beans had been roasted to the perfect spot. No burnt taste, no under roasted taste, it was just right. 

I really like strong coffee and this had the strong flavour without tearing my stomach apart. 

There was just enough ice in it to make it watered a bit but not too much. Also I was on a little date with my hubby that that makes it even better. 

Dan had a hot latte. He said it tasted like a normal one, nothing more or less. 

My wonder drink.

We had a friendly little face who loved to wave at us,
 and almost gave us a hug but her parents stopped her. 

The hubs drink

The decor was modern and comfortable. Very sleek but industrial.

Yes, we had to try the famous honey bread here too. 
Best one I have ever had. 

The counter, the folks were super nice. 

Loved the lighting.

Ok, final thoughts. 

You would be missing out on something amazing if you did not go to this place. Its a bit pricer than the others but not to outrageous. 

rating: 10 out of 10 coffee beans.


Facing away form Pyeongtaek station travel put your right hand up and travel on the street that is your index finger. This is the same street as McDonalds (where you meet the 20 bus).

Across from McDonalds will be Baskin Robbins. Once you pass Baskin Robbins make a left. Take the first street on the right and you will see the shop on the left. 

Please send me you thoughts on this place, and I will publish that here too.

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  1. Nice! I am looking forward to checking this out!