Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coffee Bean

Tucked away in the heart of the city on a side street lies a little shop called Coffee Bean. 
Actually its (bean) in Hangul.  The shop is cute, and a typical coffee place, only having about 10 chairs. Most of their business is take out so chairs are not really needed. 
We came in and the lady, not sure if she's the owner, was super nice and spoke a little English. 
We ordered Iced Cappuccino's and a new version of honey bread. 
After we had gone to the previous place, (the coffee house with no name) this was a welcome relief with really amazing Coffee. The honey bread although was different than any other we have tried, was terrible. It was round, ( like a bread bowl) and cut and corn syrup poured inside it. (TERRIBLE). I only had a piece that wasn't filled with the syrup. So unfortunately we left it on the table. So felt so terrible because the lady was so nice, but both Dan and I could not finish it. 

The Coffee on the other hand was amazing, bold and crisp. You could see the layers (which I like) and could distinguish what was what. The foam on top was think and lush. Great bold refreshing taste.

Thinking about going to coffee houses, how do we share the Love of Christ with those we come in contact with, in another language. Hm... 
As I travel around from place to place, I am struck with the fact that where ever I go, I am instructed to go and make disciples. How do I do this with one visit? or two? 

Overall, I would give it a 7 out of 10 coffee beans. 
From Baskin Robins( 20 bus pickup), and 63th Africa Coffee, after 63th Africa Coffee, make a left down that street. You will come to a t intersection, make a right. It will be straight ahead on the left. 
Happy Coffee Housing! 

This is a cute decorative box.

This was the sleeve on Dan's hot coffee.

Iced Cappuccino

Our Honey bread experience.

The Yellow is the corn syrup. BLAH!

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