Thursday, April 23, 2015

ABOUT COFFEE (Gyeongju South Korea)

Style and Class would describe the About Coffee shop. This place is tucked away from the main street  (a few yards from Starbucks actually) but is a definite spot you don't want to miss.  Its simply about the coffee. That's it. They specialize in coffee and you know it walking in. They have their own roast, dutch coffee and chocolates.

I had a low blood sugar from walking around so much I needed something with a little pick me up. I ordered a Green Tea Frappuccino while Dan ordered a Cappuccino. BOTH WERE AMAZING!
DONT MISS THIS SPOT if you travel to Gyeongju, South Korea. You will miss a true gem if you don't go here.

Rating 5 of 5 Coffee Beans

I love the garbled English. In Korea most places only serve you if you are coupled up.

Front entrance.

Products for sale.

Heres a pin dropped for location.

Heres my Green Tea Frap.

Ah, a Cappuccino

Handmade chocolates.

Front counter. 

Can More Coffee (Gyeongju South Korea)

While returning from walking 5 miles to the historic sites in Gyeongju we wanted to relax for a little bit before walking another distance. We walked thru the main street in Gyeongju and found this shop. 
I was a little taken back as it is so different from anyplace I have been in Korea to date. I don't know what it was, it felt a little like a German shop and a Grandmas Italian backyard at the same time. The seats were metal gliders which was a bit strange. 

The menu is on the table under glass in English and Korea. It was straight forward. Heres what I notice those cafes that put out a ton of items tend to be just average on all of them. In contrast if you focus on only one thing in my experience I find they are more of a quality product. 

I wasn't impressed by this place as the cappuccino was super basic and average. It wasn't what I would have expected coming from a professional coffee house. 
Hubs had a mocha which he said he could taste the chemical sugar in it. He wasn't impressed either. 
It might have been our experience only this time or it could be the norm. If you are in Gyeongju stop in and let me know! 

They did provide a basket of toast.  

You can find a link to their website HERE
Macro shot of Cafe Mocha 

Cappuccino Foam

Heres the pin dropped

A little plate of whipped cream


Cafe Mocha


Plate of toast
Entrance view

Shaved ice treat! We didn't get this, but they do have a variety of flavors

rating 2 out of 5 coffee beans.

Coffee Spot (Gyeongju, South Korea)

Tucked away in an off street was this little gem of a place! I highly recommend it as the quality was superb. The decor was comfortable and upon walking in you were confronted with a lovely garden view. If you wanted more privacy you could venture into a cubby room that had a door and you could isolate yourself. We chose to sit and view the garden out back. 

I believe it was the owner who helped us and we were not disappointed. When you ordered you got some biscuits with your coffee. We ordered cappuccinos and loved them.  Also my hubby got a new lens for his phone so we started taking some micro shots of foam. Yes, we both love doing this stuff! 

See the photo for the address. 

Rating 4.5 out of 5 coffee beans

Our new fish eye lens for iPhone

Heres the sandwich board sign outside

Heres the counter.

I like looking at the machines too.

Heres the backyard area which was lovely.


Test shot of top of Cappuccino

Heres the entrance.

If you find yourself in Gyeongju, take a break and get some Java here! 

Love Story in Seattle (Gyeongju, South Korea)

Yep, we find coffee shops while on vacation too! I am obsessed! 
 The next few posts will be from Gyeongju South Korea coffee shops!! 
Creativity abounds there too! 

The first place we stopped at while walking at least 5 miles a day was Love story in Seattle. 
Both of us ordered tea, but I was eager to try the coffee too. 
The atmosphere was warm and inviting. In the back area was a chair you could get a foot massage while sipping your java. 

The lady barista was super helpful and friendly. We wanted to stay there for a while, but alas the tea made us get sleepy. 

Peppermint Tea

Chamomile Tea

Rating: 3 out of 5 Coffee Beans
It is a must stop if you are ever in Gyeongju, South Korea