Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coffee shop (in Hangul its something about coffee and games)


 Take the escalator down to the back side of AK plaza. Its located on the 3rd floor above Paris Baguette.  As you walk up the stairs notice all the fun English translations in all the signs.  
It was a clean shop, with a great view if you are a people watcher.  

The lady who serves is super nice and doesn't speak any English, however the menu is in English. 
There is not much really to say about this place other than its a mom and pop shop (which I love) and has a great people watching view. 

Well this photo will be a head turn, but this is the front counter.

Here is the view from our seats.

Taro Bubble Tea


chamomile tea

Heres the Lady coming to help.

Sign says a place to play, (hence all the board games in the other photo)

Rating: 3 out of 6 Beans.

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