Friday, April 3, 2015

CAFE IN (New in Anjung-ri in the vile)

My lovely scouts help me out with tips about new coffee houses that pop up. So, I ventured here a new coffee house a few streets away from the Ville outside the gate.  When you walk you are faced with a concrete space, filled with warm brown furniture to ad warmth.  I know they all shop from Market, because I recognize the furniture from there. However I love shops that go a total different direction.

I do like how you get a pager for when you drink is done. Although its not very busy so its pointless at the moment but I like it regardless. They have a special laminated sheet at the counter by the register in English for us foreign folk.

 BE WARNED, While there, there was some really questionable activities with some of the customers. I didn't fully understand all that was happening, but it appeared to be a persons services being sold to another. It might have just been that time, but BE WARNED.

Directions: Straight out the walk in gate
turn left at the corner where there Sung mo Dental and the Pharmacy. Its also a street before the 3 and 8 market street. Walk up the hill and you will see it on the right hand side on top.

Here's pictures of the food items.

This English sheet is at the register

Mural on the wall behind the meeting area.

Pager thing that you get when you order.

I ordered a Cappuccino. It wasn't anything amazing, but standard. 

RATING: 2 out of 6 coffee beans.

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