Thursday, April 23, 2015

ABOUT COFFEE (Gyeongju South Korea)

Style and Class would describe the About Coffee shop. This place is tucked away from the main street  (a few yards from Starbucks actually) but is a definite spot you don't want to miss.  Its simply about the coffee. That's it. They specialize in coffee and you know it walking in. They have their own roast, dutch coffee and chocolates.

I had a low blood sugar from walking around so much I needed something with a little pick me up. I ordered a Green Tea Frappuccino while Dan ordered a Cappuccino. BOTH WERE AMAZING!
DONT MISS THIS SPOT if you travel to Gyeongju, South Korea. You will miss a true gem if you don't go here.

Rating 5 of 5 Coffee Beans

I love the garbled English. In Korea most places only serve you if you are coupled up.

Front entrance.

Products for sale.

Heres a pin dropped for location.

Heres my Green Tea Frap.

Ah, a Cappuccino

Handmade chocolates.

Front counter. 

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