Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coffee Spot (Gyeongju, South Korea)

Tucked away in an off street was this little gem of a place! I highly recommend it as the quality was superb. The decor was comfortable and upon walking in you were confronted with a lovely garden view. If you wanted more privacy you could venture into a cubby room that had a door and you could isolate yourself. We chose to sit and view the garden out back. 

I believe it was the owner who helped us and we were not disappointed. When you ordered you got some biscuits with your coffee. We ordered cappuccinos and loved them.  Also my hubby got a new lens for his phone so we started taking some micro shots of foam. Yes, we both love doing this stuff! 

See the photo for the address. 

Rating 4.5 out of 5 coffee beans

Our new fish eye lens for iPhone

Heres the sandwich board sign outside

Heres the counter.

I like looking at the machines too.

Heres the backyard area which was lovely.


Test shot of top of Cappuccino

Heres the entrance.

If you find yourself in Gyeongju, take a break and get some Java here! 

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