Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A PLACE TO NOT GO- transported to the past not in a good way

As you leave AK plaza literally right after you get off the escalator going down you will see on the right a big orange sign for a coffee shop. 

We decided to be adventurous. Let me just say the stairs going down was the best part of the place.
We walked in and it took us to the 50's diner feel only like a dirty diner. 
We decided to go in, (we were the only ones there- should have been a clue) and sit and see what would happen. The lady got up and gave us water. We decided to leave as we had no barring at all, and were in stunned mode basically of where we were. There was a huge stench of smoke and mold that made you wonder how long this place had been in existence. 

At least we were adventurous and tried something new. Now we know.

So I give this place 1 out of 10 coffee beans. 

If one of you have a different experience, I would love to here it.


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  1. I think there are about 100 others that I could visit first. I will keep you posted though!