Friday, July 26, 2013

Jung Jin won (main store)

This shop was one of my favourites as its the mother ship of a previous post. They were so popular they opened a second one. YEAH! Spreading the coffee love!  I went with a lot of woman from Chapel and enjoyed some female fellowship. What a great time of getting to know one another. 
Lots of goodies and hearing stories. Again, I am blown away by how God works in all our lives. So excited to hear and see the wonderful character of God in each other. 

Review:  10 out of 10 coffee beans. 
Coffee is brewed on site, and if you order a specific country they will prepare drip coffee or siphon it at your table. 
They also have honey bread, fretzels, and a wide variety of other non coffee treats. 

There is a map of where the shop is. Enjoy! 

Iced cappuccino and an Afagado

Honey bread with home made whip cream

This is the roasting room. 

They have coffee to purchase as well.

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