Saturday, July 6, 2013

#1 Story Coffee House.

Today we had to go into the Pyeongtaek to get a few things, so we decided to stop off at a place we had seen thru the window of Cafe Muse.  I had envisioned a Hello Kitty atmosphere type of place but was pleasantly surprised at what we saw. It was clean, cozy and inviting.

The host didn't speak any English, but we just pointed at the menu. To our surprise a basket of bread, and a package of pizza snacks came to the table.   A while later our drinks came. They were great as usual.

Our surprise that came!

 A mirror, photo time! 

 The hostess station is a big cup like stand.

The menu comes as a big picture frame. Fun!

I ordered something (just pointed) and Dan ordered a hot chocolate.
Both were super good, and tasty.

 A booth in the back of the cafe
 Dan took a photo in the bathroom.

 They had a call button as well, that you just pushed when you were ready.

So my review, 8 out of 10 coffee beans is my rating.

directions: if you get to Cafe muse, its directly across the street.

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