Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cafe Rumi take 2

To start this post off right, I have to say that I am so glad I went with two adventurous ladies. If I had not gone with them, things could have been different.  We went into Cafe Rubio, and had to take our shoes off.  That is a normal custom for Korea, actually all of asia. The shoes we had to put on were public shoes. Who knows who had been in there before, but we decided to just put them on. 
We were then escorted into a little booth upon which we climbed in. The lady yelled at us cause we still had our slippers on, (had to take them off at the entry point). 
This poor lady was trying so very hard to communicate with us, and us to her, but nothing. We finally got we had to come out to the front and serve ourselves. Which was fine, but there was no instruction and we just well, explored.  They had ice cream, various flavour's of lemonade, and coffee in a pot that had 1 cup in it, and was cold. Hm...

I did take the menu and point to waffle, and she made one for all of us and brought it to us. 
It cost 6,000 won per person just to be there, and you can choose anything to drink from there. 
They had coffee on the menu, but alas when I asked her about it, she said no. 

The decor was somewhat cute, but there were tares in the padding, and on the walls had spots where mirrors use to hang, and mold on the ceiling.  

I don't want to sound negative, cause there were some great things and if we spoke the language it might have been better. The person working spoke no English although she did have a translator on the computer and asked us to come and read it. That was really helpful.

Ok, overall, I would give Cafe Rubio 4 out of 10 coffee beans,

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