Saturday, June 15, 2013

Port of Mocha

Port of Mocha, used to be called Star Rose. The little gem of a place is located 5 minutes from Pyeongtaek Train Station. Location: standing away from the station, hold up your right hand. (the streets in front of you are like your 5 fingers). Go up the ring finger street 2 blocks take a left, then the first chance to go right take it. The coffee house is up about 500m. 

When we walked in, I think our mouths dropped a little as we encountered a sea of color, and comfort that awaited us. Linda and I immediately decided to sit in the floor seating and found our comfort spot.  The guys stood at the counter and looked at the plethora of options, while we looked at the menu where we were. The items we ordered:
Whipped cream latte
Blueberry latte
Blueberry smoothie
and a cherry lime aide.

See photo below. 
All were amazing, as well as the conversation. Topics: Life in Korea, seasons of life, the opportunities to be here, and stories of how God has and is working in our lives. I got up near the end to look at the bathroom and there rest of the place. There are only 2 rooms; the front and back. I was looking for a stairway to the 2nd floor but failed to find one.  I never got to the bathroom as someone was in there. 

Overall this place was amazing and so comfy. 

9 out of 10 for service
10 of 10 for quality of drinks
9 of 10 for comfort. 

Places to try next:
 John316 coffee house
Anne's doll house
Cupcake Coffee
Red Kiss Coffee
and Cafe Martiner (little white boxes to sit in)

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