Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jester's Pie's and Coffee

OK, this place was well, not what we thought. As we looked at the sign which boats of great pies from Australia and coffee. It was well, nothing to write about, which I wonder why I am writing.  But, the company was amazing!! :)

My first warning was when Megan ordered and I saw them take a package from the fridge and open it up and stick it in the microwave. Ah, clue 1.
I ordered from the menu on the wall, and at first he charged me double, and when questioned, he asked his supervisor who spoke English and she said we were out of what I ordered, (what did he charge me for?) so she led me to the menu I could order from.

So we finally ordered, and I ordered a chicken Cabinara and Megan order Beef and Cheese.
See photo below.

When we started eating, Megan noticed hers was FROZEN.  She got up and told them and they put it back in the oven.  Mine was ok, although  it was not cooked as the dough was raw and I tasted the ingredients of the dough. Bummer. 

Below is the finished( or not so finished product) of Megans beef and cheese, (oops there was no cheese)

There was however a cute little wishing tree. I am not sure what for, but it was cute.

This was the last place we went for the day. Company was great, food not so good. We just chalk it up to an experience. 

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