Thursday, June 13, 2013

Topresso (South Korea)

Walking into this coffee shop, wasn't sure if it would compare to Coffeeon, but it did. Was a cute little place, with fun decor. Brick walls lined the stairwell up, and parts of the wall downstairs. The ladies working there were so gracious and kind. We both ordered a cappuccino, one hot and one iced. 

Here Dan and I discussed our new kitty's name resulting in: Barnabas
This cafe was on the main street the train station is on. Maybe 2 minute walk on the right of the station.
We also ordered the waffle, which came with Ice cream and whipped cream. Dan's expression was amazing as he took a bite. He wasn't expecting it to burst with flavour as it did. He said its like fireworks went off in his taste buds. 

The iced cappuccino was very tasty. The did put lots of cinnamon on top, which wasn't my favourite but overall loved this place too. The chairs were not super comfy, and the toilet decided to give me a shower. It made me laugh if anything.

8 of 10 creativeness
10 of 10 customer service
9 of 10 for quality of food.

over all: 9 out of 10!

Directions: facing away from Pyeongtaek train station, travel along the pinky finger for about 500 meters.  YOU will see a sign on the right.

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  1. Love the atmosphere expressed in these photos! And your heart as well as you share the Lord via coffee! ;-)