Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coffee House-(CLOSED 2014)

Coffee house was our second place. We spotted it as we were across the street. In the windows on the second floor there were books upon books in shelves in the window. It looked promising, so we ventured on in. Walking up to the place, we had chalk wall art that lined the walls and steps. It was a super fun way to invite you in to the atmosphere.

After stopping and admiring the view, we entered in to the wooden paradise. The door was naturally distressed, and had a Saloon door feel, but when you walk in, you are in anything but a saloon.

This was the little menu that was on the short table in our little nook. It was all in Hangul, but we had already ordered at the counter. The lady who we ordered with came and took her shoes off before she delivered out goodies. 

The atmosphere was relaxing and comfortable. 
There were chalk drawings of figures like Obama, John Lennon, and Marilyn Monroe. 
It was inviting for great conversation. Megan and I did just that. Life, and what the Lord was teaching.  Putting into words what the Lord is doing is a great testimony, and you never know how it will be used. I gleaned much from Megan. This is one of the reasons I love coffee houses. It invites great conversation and life on life interactions.

Our drinks, Iced Vanilla Latte, and Iced Latte. Both were yummy, but the drinks were switched at first.
The foam was excellent, and coffee good too. the Vanilla Latte was sweet and yummy. (Megan's drink)

This was the nook we sat in. We were on the left, on the floor pillows. The burlap bags were attached with glue or staples to wood and hung on the wall.

Here we are!!! already to head out again for the hunt.

9 out of 10. 

facing away from the Pyeongtaek station, hold up your right hand, and travel down the ring finger street. This place is on the left at the light. Look at the second floor level and look for the entrance which is on the left of the lower level store. 

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