Thursday, March 26, 2015

Two Kinds of Coffee (take 2)

I love the vibe in Two Kinds. Its a upscale, modern comfortable coffee house that never disappoints. 
I had a hot decaf Dutch which I loved, and would come back again and again for it. 
The two gentleman that run it, are serious about their coffee. I was in awe of their espresso machine and all the equipment. Ah, can I say how much I love the coffee culture here. Seriously. 

Click HERE for my first experience. 

I think I have found a new favorite. 

You can also find them on Facebook HERE

Oh and the desserts you can get in a little to-go box. 

6 out of 5 Coffee Beans! 

Business card with address. 

This mug seriously is the coolest mug. 

If you have been to Korea, you know what this is! 

Beans N. Vines

This was a hidden gem tucked in a big housing area. 
The place was full of Korean men but then emptied out a bit. The drink I had was great although I wanted it in a mug instead not a to go cup. 

Directions: if coming from base follow the route the 20 bus takes into Paengseong. Once you pass Paris Baguette make a left. Follow the road up the hill and you will find it.

Green beans ready to be roasted

Dutch coffee (cold pressed)

my cappuccino

Its a big place as theres another section behind the gentleman sitting

Monday, March 16, 2015

BC800 (outside Gate)

Outside the main gate next to Wha Wha's BBQ, is BC800. I had tried the other BC800 down the road a bit and was not impressed but this one I really like.  The lady is a bit slow in getting your orders, but other than that, I am impressed with the service. I brought in Almond milk, and she gave me the pitcher that the milk was frothed in for extra milk. She was super friendly and pleasant.

One thing I really like is that they open at 8AM. That is unusual for most coffee shops in South Korea. The only draw back is there tends to be a lot of Korean construction workers coming in and out and they are loud. If you can handle that, than you should be ok.

I did try a new drink a Peanut Latte. I was impressed as it wasn't overly peanut but just the right amount. I might try it again but will bring in my Almond milk instead.

3.5 out of 5 beans

Cappuccino w/Almond Milk and Bulgogi Buritto

Mint Chocolate Latte and Peanut Latte

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Business Card (Official Blogger Card)

These will be in print soon. Come find me and get one. The purpose of this site is to give folks info on local coffee shops, and to try to stay up to date on the comings and goings of shops! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Incheon (China town) Coffee House

While exploring China Town here in South Korea, we stumbled upon a little coffee house that was a welcome relief from the Cold. They had a personal heater for us which was super helpful since it was so so cold out.   We are avid watchers of baristas and this lady was no exception as we watched in awe of her brewing and steaming milk.

Coffee Graz

I have been wanting to try this place for a little bit and today I decided to give it a go. This place is where Ann's Coffee was. It also reminded me of Muse Coffee when I entered. See those reviews of places  HERE.  (Ann's Closed shop HERE) When I ordered a Blueberry shake it came with a sleeve that said Muse Coffee. So, I am led to believe Muse coffee opened up another place, or they closed the first shop and opened with a new name.

The Music is really loud, and the place has a dark feel in it. Interestingly enough I had similar thoughts and feelings at the other place.

See the decor below (I like the decor)

The Menu is also in English as well as Hangul which is helpful. The place is only divided into little booths that hold up to 4-5 people. I didn't see any big booths, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

I think the prices are high, and there are only drinks offered. Which is a good thing since they only specialize in drinks. I would be interested in seeing what the coffee tastes like.
Any of my readers that venture out to this place, please comment or send me a note about the coffee.

So as I left the place, I asked about Muse coffee, and the guys said "Oh Yes, its the same place"
I was right!

The little blue dot is the location of Coffee Graz. If you look you will see the 5 finger street from AK Plaza. 

 Blueberry Shake