Friday, March 6, 2015

Coffee Graz

I have been wanting to try this place for a little bit and today I decided to give it a go. This place is where Ann's Coffee was. It also reminded me of Muse Coffee when I entered. See those reviews of places  HERE.  (Ann's Closed shop HERE) When I ordered a Blueberry shake it came with a sleeve that said Muse Coffee. So, I am led to believe Muse coffee opened up another place, or they closed the first shop and opened with a new name.

The Music is really loud, and the place has a dark feel in it. Interestingly enough I had similar thoughts and feelings at the other place.

See the decor below (I like the decor)

The Menu is also in English as well as Hangul which is helpful. The place is only divided into little booths that hold up to 4-5 people. I didn't see any big booths, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

I think the prices are high, and there are only drinks offered. Which is a good thing since they only specialize in drinks. I would be interested in seeing what the coffee tastes like.
Any of my readers that venture out to this place, please comment or send me a note about the coffee.

So as I left the place, I asked about Muse coffee, and the guys said "Oh Yes, its the same place"
I was right!

The little blue dot is the location of Coffee Graz. If you look you will see the 5 finger street from AK Plaza. 

 Blueberry Shake

Barva Coffee

Nestled behind Holly's coffee off the 1 in Suwon is Barva Coffee.
We have visited this place a few times as its across the street from the Apple Computer service center.
I brought in Almond milk the second time we visited and they were super accommodating.
They had parts of the menu in English. This place is huge and would fit a huge party of people. The decor is comfortable but sheek.

The music is not so loud that its obnoxious, but at an appropriate level to be able to talk with it.
I ordered a cappuccino and it was delicious.

4 out of 5 coffee beans!

Next time I go, I will drop a pin for directions.

Coffee Gaon

We found a little shop on the back side of AK Plaza.  Its located on the same side of the street as Paris Bagette just one street away.

We stepped in and the place was decorated in wood. Its was a cute place, that had lots of Korean/English words that entertained our brains.

We ordered a Cappuccino and a Tea. Both were well executed and delivered great happiness to our tastebuds.  We haven't been back, but thats because there are so many shops to visit and so little time!
If you was a cute little place, this might fit your fancy!
They did offer a variety of sides to choose from and I believe they roasted their own beans. OR at least for Dutch coffee!

3 out of 5 coffee beans!

This is the view of AK Plaza from the back. 

Two kinds of coffee

I ventured to Lotte Mart in Pyeongtaek and took a back way home and found a gem of a place. I stopped here to do some of my schooling online.

I was excited as I walked in as it had an industrial feel with plank floors with steel on part of them as well. It was a very modern environment and had lots of fun things to look at on the wall. The staff was very pleasant and spoke english as well. The menu was extensive as well as the menu of food.
I was happily surprised when they had decaf dutch coffee. There brought me orange slices as a bonus.
They were so friendly as I just sat there doing homework.

It was definitely a fun place to visit nestled in an up and coming area of yuppyville.

3.5 coffee beans out of 5.

Enjoy visiting this place!

This was the bathroom.

The Page

A new Cafe that we found is a gem of a place! Its on the other side of the parking lot we normal park at.  The outside resembles something from a New England state. It reminds me of an upscale Boston hangout.  Theres books all around, and brick with wooden floors which makes for a cozy atmosphere.  Theres England items, and architecture from all over the world.

The Menu is not in english but if you know what you want in English they are easily accommodating.
I ordered a Cappuccino, (see photo below).

This is a fun atmosphere that I might frequent to get some design work and school work done as there is free wifi, and the music is soothing and not too loud.

4 out of 5 Coffee beans.
Happy Coffee house hopping!

See map below for directions.

This is a fun space divider.

See bathroom photos below! It was super nice and super clean. Always impresses me with the cleanliness of the bathroom.