Friday, March 6, 2015

Coffee Gaon

We found a little shop on the back side of AK Plaza.  Its located on the same side of the street as Paris Bagette just one street away.

We stepped in and the place was decorated in wood. Its was a cute place, that had lots of Korean/English words that entertained our brains.

We ordered a Cappuccino and a Tea. Both were well executed and delivered great happiness to our tastebuds.  We haven't been back, but thats because there are so many shops to visit and so little time!
If you was a cute little place, this might fit your fancy!
They did offer a variety of sides to choose from and I believe they roasted their own beans. OR at least for Dutch coffee!

3 out of 5 coffee beans!

This is the view of AK Plaza from the back. 

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