Friday, August 22, 2014

Coffee House ( yep thats its name)- Dunpo

We love going and trying new places. Tonight was no exception. We have been interested in new places in Dunpo so here is the second one we tried. 

Coffee House

The place was super nice, clean and quiet. The lady who works there speaks great English. Their menu is in Hangul and English. Also the desserts AKA Honey bread are in a picture menu.
Super easy to order, and the staff are super friendly. 

My hubby had a chocolate mint Mocha. He said it was great, and tasty. 
I had my usual Green Tea latte. So delicious. 
We ordered a fretzel, and it was harder than normal. Overcooked? 
They also have free internet

take the 45 away from Pyeongtaek. the first exit ramp directly after the intersection of 12/45 stay to the right and go down the exit.  Take that road straight into the little town. After the second intersection( be careful the intersections are a free for all) on the left will be COFFEE HOUSE. Its on the second floor above a fish place! 

Rating: 4 out of 5 coffee beans.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Beans and Vines

Below is a review from a reader. Read here, or see other reviews of it, or others like it. Here.

Gps to Beans and Vine coffee and wine shop in Paengsong near Lotteria. This was a cute little coffee shop with a very quite atmosphere and a friendly woman on staff. The menu is all in korean. I thought thr prices were a bit lower than most other coffee shops. We ordered the waffle, which was smaller than most placed but good and a lemon ice tea for the kids to split which they enjoyed. I ordered a mint chocolate frappachino which was amazing. I'm pretty sure they also serve wine, if someone could translate the signs and poster I posted, I would really appreciate it!

GPS link.

Coffee Bay- Dunpo

We came across a little gem of a place.  Its a chain, but I have only seen 1 other store on the back side of AK plaza.
 Coffee Bay. 

 You are taking the 45 away from Pyeongtaek. Its the exit, road directly after the 12, don't go over the bridge for you will have gone too far. 
Take that exit after 12 and go straight, continue straight as you get into the little town. Coffee Bay will be on the left after the first main intersection. 

They have mini honey bread, (plain and choco)
See photo below. 

My phone was out of battery, so I will update this post with more photos when its charged. 
Below is a photo of what we had. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 coffee beans! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Insadong- Minto Community coffee

On our week vacation in Insadong, we went to several coffee shops. The following 3 entries are from that time.  
Mintos Coffee House
 Outside entrance stairway down.

They had booths labeled different things. We ended up sitting in Long Suffering.

I had an ice lemon tea. Was ok, nothing amazing.

The hubs got some cheese cake which he loved! 

These are some booths cleverly decorated

more tea! Peppermint.

Directions: If you come out of Insadong main street by the big decorated wall, you will keep going straight till you come to a main big street. You make a right. Take that main street about 3 blocks and on the right you will see a stairway down. That is Mintos! 

3  out of 5 coffee beans! 

Iris- Pyeongtaek

Cafe Iris! 
This is a cute little Gem of a place, although its loud which is unusual. 
If you travel from AK on the ring finger street and turn at the Art Box, you will see Iris which is located on the second floor. 

I did not take photos of the drinks which is so unlike me, but I don't remember them being amazing. 
So this review will be lacking on a few items cause my old brain can't remember. If you have been here email me your drink photos and I will add them. 

Cafe- the Corner- Pyeongtaek

If you travel on the ring finger from the right hand standing at AK plaza, you will come to 7eleven on the left. Make a left, and then take the first right. At the T intersection you will run right into it.
It literally is on the corner of the street.

We went in on our day off, well, we were scouting out a place to bring a group of ladies.
This place had just opened up and still was doing some decorating. They were super nice, and accommodating. We made a reservation for later in the month and also they had a frequent buyers card that you can put your name on and hang on the wall.

They give you a little bread to eat. 
This is an Americano and a Cappuccino.

3 out of 5 coffee beans.
 They didn't have honey bread or cream cheese pretzels but had muffins and cookies.