Monday, August 18, 2014

Cafe- the Corner- Pyeongtaek

If you travel on the ring finger from the right hand standing at AK plaza, you will come to 7eleven on the left. Make a left, and then take the first right. At the T intersection you will run right into it.
It literally is on the corner of the street.

We went in on our day off, well, we were scouting out a place to bring a group of ladies.
This place had just opened up and still was doing some decorating. They were super nice, and accommodating. We made a reservation for later in the month and also they had a frequent buyers card that you can put your name on and hang on the wall.

They give you a little bread to eat. 
This is an Americano and a Cappuccino.

3 out of 5 coffee beans.
 They didn't have honey bread or cream cheese pretzels but had muffins and cookies. 

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