Monday, August 18, 2014

Ro.M. Coffee- Paenseong, South Korea

Ro. M Coffee- Outside the Humphreys Walkin gate. Across from the new seoul clinic on the left side. I believe its fairly new, prices are comparable to that of other coffee shops. Its a 2 story place and its accessible to those without cars, and close to base. I could tell the baristas were fairly new, as it took 4 of them to make 1 drink.  
When i walked in they were talking among themselves and it took them about 4-5 minutes to acknowledge me even though at that time I was the only one there. 
Everything was in Korean and English and was easy to understand. They have the typical coffee house items minus honey break and cream cheese pretzels. I had a Green Tea Latte which I thought was average. Only thing is the stairs to upstairs are EXTREMELY steep.

Rating  3-5 coffee beans. 

If you have photos of your drinks please email them to me, and I will add them on here.

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