Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kaffe- Paengseong South Korea

Today I ventured out in Paengseong, South Korea and tried a place that others have been saying was good coffee and cheaper than most. So, I set out to taste for myself.

I was the only person when I entered as the owner was out front smoking. He rushed in and started helping me out. He saw I was not a Korean, and slid a piece of paper that had English words on the menu. It also had prices which helped!
I ordered my standard Green Tea Latte. It was a great drink, not grainy as some are.  I have heard the Americano's are wonderful as well. Next time I will try a cappuccino and add it to this post. OR I will go with someone who will have one and will photo what they got!

The cafe has lots of room, and a spot for big groups!

out the main gate, turn right at the post office, (across from Not a Fan Pork Cutlet)
travel maybe 1 block, it will be on the left, tucked back under some apartments.


Another readers review:
See more HERE
This cafe is straight out the drive thru gate, turn right at the light where the Korean post office and "I'm your fan" is located. At the first real road about a block down, turn LEFT. I have had an americano there. It is hard to mess them up  My kids ordered an ice cream dish to share that had fruit on it. The dessert was very tasty and cost 3,500 won. Two family members ordered Bubble Tea but they were NOT impressed. I was happy to find a neat option for coffee locally, but I doubt I will go back. The park across the street makes for a neat place to hang out with the kids. There is a C+U practically next door where you can buy inexpensive ice creams for the kids while you enjoy a coffee.The seating in this cafe is terrific. There is even a HUGE U shaped booth for groups. The menu is totally in Korean and the staff speaks very little English. They do serve food meals at this place, but I did not try any of it

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