Monday, August 25, 2014

Coffee Field (Asan)

We set out on an adventure to find something to do on a Sunday afternoon. I feel we are becoming old, as we like Sunday drives!  Anyhow, we cam across this little gem. In the middle of a busy town, close to downtown, but a little outside of it is a place called Coffee Field.

The outside was great, and calming, and made me want to run in a field of grass. But, when we got in the inside didn't quite match. The inside was great, and amazing but had a little different theme, (more urban) than the outside.  This place were roasters as well. They roasted their own beans right in the cafe. The smell was amazing in the place, as well as the spaciousness of it all.

See below. We had a Green tea latte, an Oreo Bingsu, and a cappuccino.  All were amazing.
They also had a Polaroid camera that you could take photos with, and a projector and screen that did something. I wonder what movies, music etc it projects.


Pin that shows the general Area.

Girls using the Polaroid.

Front off a main road. 

Oreo Bingsu


Address and Pin

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