Friday, August 22, 2014

Coffee House ( yep thats its name)- Dunpo

We love going and trying new places. Tonight was no exception. We have been interested in new places in Dunpo so here is the second one we tried. 

Coffee House

The place was super nice, clean and quiet. The lady who works there speaks great English. Their menu is in Hangul and English. Also the desserts AKA Honey bread are in a picture menu.
Super easy to order, and the staff are super friendly. 

My hubby had a chocolate mint Mocha. He said it was great, and tasty. 
I had my usual Green Tea latte. So delicious. 
We ordered a fretzel, and it was harder than normal. Overcooked? 
They also have free internet

take the 45 away from Pyeongtaek. the first exit ramp directly after the intersection of 12/45 stay to the right and go down the exit.  Take that road straight into the little town. After the second intersection( be careful the intersections are a free for all) on the left will be COFFEE HOUSE. Its on the second floor above a fish place! 

Rating: 4 out of 5 coffee beans.

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