Tuesday, October 14, 2014


My very first coffee shop I had in Korea was Coffee Mall in 2012. IT has never disappointed, and today confirmed again why I love this place so much. The owner is a master at roasting and brewing!

I took my parents here who are visiting, and they loved it so much too. We ordered a sweet potato Latte, an Earl grey tea and a Special drip.  I was so impressed by the owner who came over with fresh roasted and ground beans in a drip top. He had a copper water pitcher that he poured over the freshly ground beans. Then he did another full drip which produced some deliciousness. Before we had some of his amazing creation, he went and got some dutch coffee that he had made.  He gave us all a sample. WOW!!! I have not had caffeine for a while, well since last October. But, I had to try this amazing stuff. So, he poured some in little cups and he joined with us.  Then he got more glasses so all of us would drink the special drink together. WOW!! Eye balls popping out!!!! SO GOOD!!!!

BEST COFFEE in all of Korea I think. Also he has the infamous cup of beans that are from the droppings of an animal. See previous post on this! Or the link below:

See their Facebook info below! 

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