Saturday, April 11, 2015

COFFEE ON (revised at new location)

Today is a great day. I got to visit a new old friend. COFFEE ON is the shop that started my love for coffee shops and a continued love for the culture of coffee houses.  I thought Coffee On at the old location closed, but much to my surprise it just moved locations.

I was so blow a way when I walked in.
It's the same sort of look but updated and revised! I so enjoy it. it has to be my favorite of all places. I think it speaks heavily to my creative artsy side too, which is a huge draw.

Enjoy the photos!!!

Directions. Standing at AK PLAZA on the right hand it's the index finger street. Its a block down from Mcdonals on the opposite side of the street.

Rating: 10 out of 6 coffee beans

At first I saw one table with a plug and I thought oh no, someone forgot their plug then I realized they are at every table. 

Seriously so good! 

Heres a side view of my iced cappuccino so you can see the foam! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coffee shop (in Hangul its something about coffee and games)


 Take the escalator down to the back side of AK plaza. Its located on the 3rd floor above Paris Baguette.  As you walk up the stairs notice all the fun English translations in all the signs.  
It was a clean shop, with a great view if you are a people watcher.  

The lady who serves is super nice and doesn't speak any English, however the menu is in English. 
There is not much really to say about this place other than its a mom and pop shop (which I love) and has a great people watching view. 

Well this photo will be a head turn, but this is the front counter.

Here is the view from our seats.

Taro Bubble Tea


chamomile tea

Heres the Lady coming to help.

Sign says a place to play, (hence all the board games in the other photo)

Rating: 3 out of 6 Beans.

Friday, April 3, 2015

CAFE IN (New in Anjung-ri in the vile)

My lovely scouts help me out with tips about new coffee houses that pop up. So, I ventured here a new coffee house a few streets away from the Ville outside the gate.  When you walk you are faced with a concrete space, filled with warm brown furniture to ad warmth.  I know they all shop from Market, because I recognize the furniture from there. However I love shops that go a total different direction.

I do like how you get a pager for when you drink is done. Although its not very busy so its pointless at the moment but I like it regardless. They have a special laminated sheet at the counter by the register in English for us foreign folk.

 BE WARNED, While there, there was some really questionable activities with some of the customers. I didn't fully understand all that was happening, but it appeared to be a persons services being sold to another. It might have just been that time, but BE WARNED.

Directions: Straight out the walk in gate
turn left at the corner where there Sung mo Dental and the Pharmacy. Its also a street before the 3 and 8 market street. Walk up the hill and you will see it on the right hand side on top.

Here's pictures of the food items.

This English sheet is at the register

Mural on the wall behind the meeting area.

Pager thing that you get when you order.

I ordered a Cappuccino. It wasn't anything amazing, but standard. 

RATING: 2 out of 6 coffee beans.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Caffe Bonito

Tucked away into a big housing area in Paengseong-eup is a Cafe thats been around for a year. Its off the beaten path as you won't see it from the main road. Its a gem of a place, and what I experienced was lovely.  The barista speaks some English and is delightful. The place has no bathroom, but is really clean. 

Heres the Cappuccino.

Its located on the street before Lotteria 

5 out of 5 coffee Beans. 
Check this place out