Sunday, December 28, 2014

You are here Cafe- Seoul

There is a blog Here that the writers and one other blogger opened up a cafe for those that follow the blog. When we were first coming to South Korea, we looked at the blog to get info. Some posts are too crass for me, but regardless there is some good info in the archives I have found.

A friend and I ventured to find this place on the Saturday before Christmas.  On there blog, there is AMAZING video directions to get here. Check it out here!

Beside being so so so cold, and iced roads we ventured out.
See below photos for descriptions
When we got there, there was a Flea market inside and in the yard of the cafe. There were many different types of things, some jelly spreads and some scarves. This was a fun Christmas surprise.
Here's the front of the Cafe. 

Since there was a flea market things were a bit crowed, but this is the area that you 

See previous photo, this is the other side of the room. Items for purchase on the wall. 

Some of the signs with products for sale. Bonus is its in English. 

I had an Almond Milk Cappuccino with 2  raw power bites. 

Upstairs in the cafe. It was bright and cheery. Very welcoming and calming.

Here's their logo.

Upstairs as you come up the stairs you turn right and there is  a cute Tea room. 
Its not in black and white, I just shot it in Black and White.

We sat in the far corner to get a better view of the place! 

There is a lovely porch on the second floor.

I would rate this place 5 out of 5 coffee beans. The 5 would be more for the atmosphere, as you sat there, it became better and better. Its hard to describe.  I would definitely visit again! 

See image below for the pin.

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