Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cafe Clark

Well, last night as we were coming home from Suwon, we are at the bus stop at McDonalds, and noticed across the street a New Cafe! It has only been opened for a week. Its a lounge with coffee  and cocktails, (which I won't review). I will only review the coffee house part since  my blog is only Coffee houses so that is what I am sharing about.

I have attached a link HERE to there website.  The website features the Clark's in Seoul. What I noticed when I came to the building its open at 0700. Yes, thats correct a Coffee Shop open before 1000. Bonus points in my book.  They also speak good english!!! That is another bonus.

When I walked in I noticed it was an upscale place.  The decor is simply elegance. Black chairs, black granite floors, and a simple prominent bar that you walk to. It doesn't have the clutter that some coffee shops have with gadgets of plenty. This is simply, about the COFFEE.  Thats its.
I had them make me a cappuccino with Almond milk. Even as I finish it its still foamy.
My cappuccino was 3,500 won, which is super reasonable. See menu below.

As I was writing this, I got to meet the OWNER Steven Hee. He was super personable and sat and talked with me. Actually, he had just had a call into the Army base about advertising the place.
He gave me a VIP card too, which is a bonus!  He has the Championship Barista from 2013 working here, so that is HUGE! That is something that is a good thing, knowing this place knows what its doing.

 Some seriously outstanding coffee! 

(this menu is only half, the Coffee Part only)

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