Wednesday, October 30, 2013

why I stopped Caffeine

Yes, I gave up Coffee. Well caffeinated coffee that is. Why you ask? Well at first it was a miscommunication from the doc but then I realised I had needed to stop it for a long time. So I went cold turkey.  Second, I was super anxious and my muscles and body was in stress overload. I knew this couldn't hurt at least. My muscles were super tight and had a stress herpes thing happening. I knew it was time for a change. Also I didn't want to be dependent on anything but the Lord.  The only bummer is I really enjoy the taste of it. So I will at some point give myself grace and have a taste once in a while, but the benefits far out way my love for the taste.  As I am also a Diabetic, it has done amazing things to help my blood sugar numbers. Stress and diabetes not a good thing. Since my body was in a state of stress overload, it effects everything about my system. I am so glad that I have stopped coffee.

But, I still enjoy my coffee houses. I realised there are so many other things on the menu too!
This means I will still review coffee houses around Korea...

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