Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bao Dutch Coffee

Upon combing downtown Pyeongtaek South Korea looking for fun coffee houses, (a few people and I) came across Bao Dutch Coffee.  Since its in the main area and a main street we were excited. We tried going into it yesterday, but alas, it wasn't open. So tonight the Hubs and I had our weekly date night. One thing we love to do, is adventure to new coffee houses in South Korea. Tonight was no exception and we tried Bao Dutch Coffee that just opened. This time, the cafe was open and we got pumped. 
Walking in you see cement directly in front of you, but then when you walk further in, you come into a place that is industrial yet quirky. 

There are private cubbies around the outside perimeter of the the room, and tall purple like love seats on the next perimeter and then on the inside perimeter was table and chairs.  We sat in the love seats so we could see the counter and watch and observe. We also were taking notes for another secret project. 

Don't forget to remove your shoes before entering.

We ordered our standard which is an iced cappuccino and a hot one and also a honey bread. I was excited to see my cup which had many markings of measurements on it, and lots of foam on top. Dan's drink was just as delightful as there was a thick layer of foam on his as well. The honey bread, was something totally different, and was amazing. This place served it with ice cream which Dan gobbled up. 

I found out this place makes its own dutch coffee, and also has an education part to it. I will be checking it out online, and will update you on it. This place was clean, fun, artsy, simple, atmospheric and great. The menu was in Hangul, but he understood basic English. Prices were a bit high, but the quality was amazing. 

Rating: 10 out of 10 coffee beans
Hold up your right hand standing away from AK plaza. Travel on the ring finger. Bao dutch will be on the left. It is right before the ARTBOX store. Take the door and travel downstairs.

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